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White Pique Moses Basket
White Pique Moses Basket
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This most sophisticated, refined, and elegant White Pique Moses Basket by Hoohobbers is perfectly toned with a delicate scalloped ruffle.

A Moses Basket is often a baby’s ideal first bed. Being portable, it is lightweight and easy to tote from place to place either within or outside the home. Baby Baskets are a perfect fit for your newborn until he or she begins to roll over, then transfer your child to a cradle, bassinet or crib for comfort and safety.

Included with your Hoohobbers Moses Basket: Basket, Pad with Duvet Sheet, Duvet Bumpers, Blanket

Hoohobbers Moses Baskets are recipients of Platinum Awards for their style, design and functionality: ". . . the most marvelous Moses Basket our testing panel has ever seen! The fabric was soft and beautiful, while the basket was flexible and very appealing. The baby that is lucky enough to receive this . . . will be resting in true style." New York Amsterdam News

Please DO NOT use the handles to carry the basket with your infant inside. The handles are only to be used when carrying an empty Moses Basket from place to place.

Secret to keeping the handles away from your newborn’s face: Hold handles up, one in each of your hands. Push the handles in towards the basket, then out and down towards the outer sides of the Basket. This will tuck the handles securely to the outside of the basket, away from your baby's face, leaving the basket open in order to lay your baby safely inside.

Hoohobbers Moses Baskets are fitted with designer-made bedding materials.
Keys to keeping your Moses Basket fresh and looking new:
-The Moses Basket Pad is Duvet-style and 100% machine washable.
-Remove the cover from the inner pad and wash in cold water.
-Dry on your dryer’s air fluff setting.

-The Moses Basket Bumpers are also Duvet-style and 100% machine washable.
-Remove the two inner bumper pads from the decorative cover and wash the cover in cold water.
-Dry on your dryer’s air fluff setting.

US orders only please.
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