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The Mohair Organic Crib Mattress by Natural Mat
The Mohair Organic Crib Mattress by Natural Mat
Finished Mohair Organic Crib Mattress
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Natural Mat believes that every child deserves the best start in life and that means plenty of good sleep in a safe, comfortable and natural environment. In their first year, babies will spend at least 2/3 rds of their time ON their mattress. Our superior organic crib mattresses combine the finest natural and organic raw materials including lambs wool, natural latex foam, coir, mohair and cotton. Our natural fibers provide much higher levels of spring and support, and far better ventilation than any synthetic foam or coil springs.

Mohair Mat is our most luxurious baby mattress, offering a firmer, more supportive sleeping surface. Horsetail hair (the longest and most durable natural fiber in the world) forms the core of the Mohair Mat. Horsetail hair is known for its ability to spring back to its original form, regardless of how long and how hard it has been compressed. The Queen of England sleeps on a mohair mattress. This layer is sandwiched between our organic coir for extra breathability and support. Silky mohair fleece wraps around the outside acting as a luxurious thermal insulator, helping baby regulate his temperature, resulting in a better night of sleep. ALL Natural Mat mattresses pass all rigorous FR requirements with NO chemical additives, so you can rest easy, too.

100% Natural – We don’t use any glues or bonding agents and you will not find any chemicals or synthetic materials whatsoever in your mattress.

Breathability – Babies are very temperature sensitive and find it hard to regulate their own body heat. Unlike synthetics (that are commonly found in other baby mattresses) natural fibers are inherently breathable and allows a constant circulation of air, keeping the mattress well ventilated. This prevents your baby from overheating, and keeps your baby cool, comfortable and safe.

Washable – Every Natural Mat has a removable pure cotton outer cover that can be machine washed at 60 degrees C (dust mites are killed at 57 degrees).

Naturally fire retardant – Natural Mat pass all fire regulations without the use of chemical or unnatural treatments in any part of the mattress.

Wool batting -- Far more resilient with better ventilation and insulation properties than cotton.

100% Renewable – All our raw materials come from 100% renewable and sustainable sources that comply with Fair Trade policies.

Eco Packaging – All packaging used for Natural Mat mattresses is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Our carton is made from a mixture of recycled and renewable paper resources from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) managed forests.

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