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Eco-Friendly Cribs & Baby Furniture

Happy Baby Cribs focuses on providing you quality baby cribs for the best price, including eco friendly cribs and baby furniture that cherishes and respects the conservation of, care and love for our planet.

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We feature quality eco friendly baby cribs, changing tables, dressers, armoires, etc. by Atlantic Furniture, Nurseryworks and Ducduc. Nurseryworks and Ducduc are reputable manufacturers of modern baby cribs and nursery furniture that honor our environment by being eco friendly in the materials used, as well as the manufacturing plant and processes.   

Furniture can be eco friendly in a variety of ways. Atlantic Furniture, one of our highly-respected manufacturers of solid wood baby cribs and furniture, makes their hardwood cribs, convertible cribs & baby furniture from rubber trees. They salvage rubber trees after the sap has been processed for rubber, so they effectively recycle this precious wood to create their high quality eco friendly cribs and eco friendly baby furniture. Our other manufacturers may cut wood for the manufacture of their wooden cribs and nursery furniture, but they've chosen to use fast-growing trees, which can be easily and quickly replanted to fill the vacated forest space. These companies also follow ecologically-friendly production methods and procedures in their day-to-day operation.