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Modern Baby Cribs

Baby Cribs and Nursery Furniture For Those Desiring a More Modern Look

Today's modern crib manufacturers allow parents to design their baby's nursery with sheer elegance, class and style, even one that leans towards the ultra modern. Choose between wood and our acrylic Vetro Crib. Choose among white, wood tones, primary or pastels. Be creative and the master designer of your own dream nursery from our palette of modern baby cribs and nursery furniture selected from the best brands the industry has to offer.

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Avant Garde for sure, Nurseryworks and Ducduc baby cribs and furniture are also Eco-Friendly

Our selection of Modern Baby Cribs from Nurseryworks and Ducduc represents the finest quality materials, craftsmanship and level of creativity. We are proud to have them in our family of quality crib and baby furniture manufacturers, for their reputation and unparalleled concern for our planet is irrefutable. They not only produce quality modern crib and baby furniture products, but everything they make is eco friendly, as well. Both brands maintain Earth-friendly concepts in the operation of their manufacturing plants and processes.

Start your baby off with an appreciation for the modern, with a baby crib from HappyBabyCribs.com