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Quality Baby Furniture, Cribs,
Cradles and Bedding for
Newborn Baby Bedrooms

We at Happy Baby Cribs congratulate you on the upcoming birth of a newborn into your life, or the life of someone close to you. During this exciting time, you will find that you will be bringing much more than a new baby into your home. Luckily, we have you and all your most important newborn baby needs covered with our large selection of baby furniture and unique baby beds, wood and metal cribs, rocking cradles, bassinets, Moses baskets and stands, as well as hundreds of cradle and crib bedding sets.

Always have your baby resting peacefully with luxury baby bedding

From traditional to unique baby bedding, we offer a wide variety of styles, themes and colors for you to create the newborn baby bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. We also offer different styles of baby cribs for boys and girls, along with a wide array of baby furniture and baby cribs in a variety of finishes. We even offer quality metal / iron cribs to carry you through those early infant years. At Happy Baby Cribs, we know that with all the joy of bringing a new baby into your life, there will also be many expenses. This is why our goal is to bring you only quality baby furniture, as we carry durable wood and metal cribs from the most established and reputable brands, including Child Craft, Atlantic Furniture, Nurseryworks, Corsican and Bratt Decor.

Bring your newborn into the world with the perfect wood or iron crib 
 bassinet, cradle, or Moses basket from HappyBabyCribs.com

IMPORTANT NOTE: To make your shopping experience more enjoyable and avoid any confusion during the check-out process, we have added the cost of shipping into the final price for several of our nursery furniture sets and baby bed accessories. However, in most cases, we absorb the cost of shipping ourselves, offering you more affordable prices on our baby cribs, baby bed decor and bedroom sets.