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Baby Bassinets

Bassinets, like cradles and Moses Baskets, offer new parents an option to the crib for the first few months of their newborn's life:  small, cozy, more embracing.

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Little Bunny Blue is our newest addition to the Happy Baby Cribs family. All their baby baskets are Badger Baskets, dressed in the most elegant, and oftentimes 100% cotton or silk fabrics.

Hoohobbers also carries a stunning array of Bassinets and Bassinet Bedding Sets that match and complement each of their Crib Bedding sets, although only a few of their Bassinets are shown here. For a larger selection of Hoohobbers Bassinets, please check out their crib bedding sets and choose your favorite.  

Picci, is our quality Italian Crib Bedding, Moses Basket and Bassinet manufacturer. Add Little Miss Liberty and Caden Lane and our family of baby bassinets is complete.

Our selection of Bassinets have all been hand-selected for their excellent quality workmanship and materials, design and safety. If a Bassinet is shown above with bedding, the bedding is included with the purchase of the Bassinet.